Evidence-based Portfolio Management - An Interview with Noel Sobelman

Evidence-based Portfolio Management - An Interview with Noel Sobelman

In this episode, we link up with Noel Sobelman, a corporate advisor, researcher, and writer on innovation effectiveness, to discuss portfolio management and what enterprises and leadership can do right now to improve product portfolios by creating a balance of both near-term and long-term investment in new sources of growth.

Beyond the Hype: Winning with Customer Experience

Faced with immense and accelerating challenges, winning organizations are developing three customer-centric disciplines: Designing for Delight, Delivering for Delight, and Engaging Customers, Talent, and Partners for Delight. Learn practical steps your organization can take win new customer, retain existing customers, and build a culture of rapid learning and innovation.

Editor’s Note: This Podcast is a recording of a Live broadcast where we interviewed Mike Kendall as part of Customer Experience Week.

Breaking Down Barriers: Key Areas for Growth in Healthcare

In this week’s podcast, Roy Rosin demystifies barriers to growth and how key behaviors can break down these barriers in large, successful healthcare companies.

As Chief Innovation Officer for Penn Medicine, he shares unique insights about his role in creating and inspiring recent initiatives such as Heart-Safe Motherhood program resulting in significant impact across the company.

Exploring The Corporate Startup with Dan Toma

In this Episode, MTN co-founder Aaron Eden hosts entrepreneur and intrepreneur, Dan Toma. As an entrepreneur, Dan has been involved with high-tech startups globally.  Over the last few years he’s been primarily focused in the enterprise and has worked with companies like DT, Bosch, Jaguar and Allianz.  He has also recently co-authored a book titled The Corporate Startup - How established companies can develop successful innovation ecosystems.

Using Comic Books to Build Leadership Buy-In with Kyle Nel

In today’s episode, my co-host, Aaron Eden, and I are really excited to have our guest, Kyle Nel. Kyle is the Executive Director of Lowe's Innovation Labs and has a very unique approach toward innovation which was fun to explore in this episode. They leverage a narrative-driven approach that uses story (and comics) as a strategic tool to map out the future for Lowe’s that they are working to bring to life. They then work backward to build that future, rapidly testing technology prototypes to solve everyday problems.