Lean Innovation drives transformation

Lean Innovation combines the creativity of design thinking, the rigor of Lean Startup, and the discipline of agile to empower large enterprises to discover and deliver new value.

Applying these principles throughout the enterprise helps mitigate the risk of producing products no one wants, and allows the allocation of capital and resources to ideas that create value.


Ignite an entrepreneurial spirit

Put people first by igniting "entrepreneurial spirit" across the organization. Our mission is to help you realize your vision of growth, continuous innovation, and corporate responsibility for the 21st century by implementing the lean innovation methodology, which centers on three principles – Empathy, Experiments and Evidence.


How it works



Equip people with a new mindset



Build systems that support entrepreneurial action



Create space to be bold


How we help

Moves the Needle offers those responsible for initiative change within their organizations the necessary tools and resources to move transformation efforts forward.

From aligning innovation with strategic business goals, to showing innovation leaders how to develop high-performance teams, to providing product managers with a system for bringing relevant products to market, our proprietary tools and processes are meant to help guide your journey towards continuous innovation. Our wide range of customizable programs are aimed at helping organizations transform their ways of working, thinking, and decision-making to be more agile, customer-focused, and evidence-based.

While these programs are not for the faint of heart, change is never easy.

It requires a considerable amount of commitment and investment from everyone in an organization to shift away from “the way it’s always been done.” That is why we are structured to help you overcome these barriers in order to drive impact effectively.


Why Moves the Needle?

Our team consists of thought leaders, seasoned practitioners and experienced executives who have “lived” on the frontline of innovation. We have innovation architects on the ground in the US, European Union, APAC, Latin America, and our network is continually growing. 

Our architects come from diverse backgrounds and including startup entrepreneurs and  enterprise innovation veterans who go through rigorous training in our philosophy and methodologies.

Their purpose is to drive impact.

The Proof is in the Pudding



Get in touch with our impact coaches and build a custom plan for your organization.