We teach learning

Moves The Needle’s Innovation Champions program is a comprehensive coach development program designed to scale lean innovation skills, develop a new mindset, and ignite entrepreneurial action.


How It Works

We train and certify coaches to make business impact fast by supporting a new way of working: being customer-centric, moving fast, and acting bold.

Program Objectives

  • Build expertise in both lean innovation IQ (content intelligence) and coaching EQ (emotional intelligence)
  • Learn to use and teach proven innovation tools so anyone in the organization can discover new customer value
  • Learn to self-assess impact and progress; leaders learn to evaluate and support coaches
  • Earn certification that demonstrates ability to teach Lean Innovation to others
  • Leverage a standardized, customizable Train-The-Trainer (TTT) curriculum + entrepreneur’s toolkit to expand coaching network and scale lean innovation

Our Customers

With great materials, hands-on training and get out of the building real-life experiments, we were better able to understand the elements of lean, giving us the necessary tools to start right away in our large organization
— Susan Harman, Vice President Lexis Nexis