Students Become the Teachers

Our Innovation Champions program is a comprehensive coach development program designed to scale lean innovation skills, develop a new mindset, and ignite entrepreneurial action.

We train and certify coaches to make business impact fast by supporting a new way of working: being customer-centric, moving fast, and acting bold.

We meet you where you are, leveraging existing skillsets, language, and desired aspects of culture that make this program your own.

Similar to Intuit’s Innovation Catalyst and GE’s Fastworks, Moves the Needle’s Innovation Champions program provides training, coach development and assessment, and an entrepreneur’s toolkit used to discover and create new customer value.

Program Objectives

  • Build expertise in both lean innovation IQ (content intelligence) and coaching EQ (emotional intelligence)

  • Learn to use and teach proven innovation tools so anyone in the organization can discover new customer value

  • Learn to self-assess impact and progress; leaders learn to evaluate and support coaches

  • Earn certification that demonstrates ability to teach Lean Innovation to others

  • Leverage a standardized, customizable Train-The-Trainer (TTT) curriculum + entrepreneur’s toolkit to expand coaching network and scale lean innovation


Our Customers

Using Moves the Needle methods against a concrete business problem accelerates the pace of learning and makes everyone’s involvement a lot more tangible. Be prepared for really high-energy people who are going to push your teams quickly over the term of the engagement.
— Seth Berkowitz, President,

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