We bring Lean Startup to the Enterprise

Educate. Enable. Empower.

Unique to Corporations

The only innovation programs designed BY corporate lean startup experts FOR the unique challenges in the enterprise.

Proven Effective

Moves the Needle programs generate immediate business impact, while transforming company culture in the process.

Easy to Get Started

Just like a lean startup, we’ve made it simple for you to experiment with our programs, starting small before going big!

5 Ways to Spark Innovation at Your Organization

After driving innovation in many large enterprises, we've seen what works and what doesn't. Here are 5 of the most effective ways we've seen that consistently transform organizations to be more innovative.

Apply Lean Startup Across your Organization Using our Proven Framework

We help Fortune 500 companies reinvent their innovation capabilities.


Moves the Needle is one of the foremost experts in the emerging science of entrepreneurship, I’ve seen them teach Customer Development and it’s practical, action-oriented, and persuasive. I’ve had the pleasure of hosting them at several conferences, and they always deliver.

Eric Ries
Eric RiesAuthor, The Lean Startup

I hired Moves the Needle to teach blistering workshops in new business identification and development to crowds of intrapreneurs at Qualcomm. If you’re looking for a business coach for your team, expect candid, straight-up feedback that motivates meaningful learning and change.

Ricardo Dos Santos
Ricardo Dos SantosSr. Director New Business Development, Qualcomm

“With great materials, hands-on training and get out of the building real-life experiments, we were better able to understand the elements of Lean, giving us the necessary tools to start right away in our large organization.”

Susan Harman
Susan HarmanVice President, Lexis Nexis

The Leadership Workshop was one of the best engagements I’ve had and this is across my career, at companies like Pfizer, IBM & Pitney Bowes.

C-Level Exec$ Billion manufacturing sytems provider

Let’s Get Started Together

  • Enterprise Lean Startup Programs

    Our LEAP workshops help teams to make significant business impact in a matter of days. Lean Startup, Rapid Experimentation, The Lean Entrepreneur Value Stream, LEAP Leadership or a new workshop customized to your organization, you’ll be amazed at the progress you make.

  • Team Coaching

    Moves the Needle provides hands-on coaching to innovation project teams as they move their ideas forward. We help these teams deliver. It’s like having a network of lean startup mentors at your disposal.

  • Innovation Programs

    Building innovation capabilities across your organization takes time and effort. Our long term programs go beyond workshops, to create sustainable innovation programs from the bottom up. These programs ensure your organization will produce innovation growth over time.

  • Enterprise Consulting

    Our consulting programs address the challenges which often arise as your organization begins to operationalize lean startup principles.  We help you develop legal and branding guidelines, human resource requirements and operating mechanisms.

  • Speaking and Events

    Our inspiring talks have been conducted across the globe, at events such as South by Southwest, the Lean Startup Conference, Agile Australia and more. Fun, engaging and surprising, they will inspire your organization to take action.