Create Change, Not Waste

Whether maximizing impact for stakeholders or building an economic engine to do good, non-profit and social impact organizations must innovate to tackle uncertainty, remain relevant and thrive in a changing world.

Learn how Lean Innovation can help Nonprofit, Philanthropy, Government, and Social Enterprise organizations reduce uncertainty, reduce waste, and create value in order to remain relevant and deepen their social impact.


How It Works

We help organizations learn a new way to approach uncertainty that allows them to:

  • Develop a deep understanding of those they serve and their expectations, needs and desires.

  • Be able to develop and quickly test new bold ideas and validate what will work before committing resources.

  • Make decisions of where to invest based on evidence of what will create the deepest value and impact for those they serve.

  • Overcome internal organizational process bottlenecks and unlock new growth, revenue and impact.

  • Develop greater employee engagement and functional support for a new way of working.

Our services, keynotes, accelerators, workshops, and training are all customized to fit an organization’s unique situation, needs and culture.


Case Studies


Our Customers

Not only did Moves The Needle empower our employees to engage early and often with our constituents but it has resulted in considerable financial savings by refocusing priorities and averting costly, unnecessary projects.
— Kelly McAdoo, City Manager/COO City of Hayward
Our (bootcamp) experience really initiated our culture of learning.
— Jenny Volpe, Executive Director, Make Way For Books
This process was a breakthrough and is becoming a natural and necessary part of our work, building on our core values and our responsiveness to clients and community. It’s a fresh way to make decisions - creating nimbleness and testing ideas within weeks, versus months. We can already see the multiplier effect.
— Nancy Gannon Hornberger, President and CEO, SAY San Diego
In my 18 years in education experience, this rises to the level of one of the best professional development sessions I’ve ever been through. Everything was so well paced, practical, useful, and real. Most importantly, this will have a measurable and tangible ROI.
— Ian R. Roark, Ed.D. Vice President of Workforce Development, Pima Community College
This is some of the best money we’ve spent. MTN moved more people in such a short amount of time with broader impact for a lower cost than we have invested in other change efforts.
— Jacqueline Jenkins, Senior Vice President and Chief Impact & Strategy Officer, United Way of New York City
I had high expectations and they were exceeded by seeing the growth in people’s confidence in solving problems more quickly than they could have imagined.
— Connie Matsui, Board President, The San Diego Foundation
This approach completely blew up our business model…it was truly eye-opening.
— Debbie Rich, CEO, Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona

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