Think Outside the Box

Designed to promote the entrepreneurial spirit, remove barriers, and accelerate culture change, Shiftkit is the fastest way to get teams applying “entrepreneurial spirit” to solving real world business issues.

ShiftKit Box for Corporate Innovation

The core principles of empathy, experimentation, and evidence-based decision making provide the foundation for teams to discover and deliver new value to your customers.

Shiftkit kickstarts your mindset change with:

  • Industry leading tools and practices guides

  • The Lab lean innovation online learning portal

  • Weekly coaching via video or phone

  • Innovation Kit with everything needed to begin testing ideas

  • Optional in-person kickoff and pitch events


Program Objectives

  • Teams have immediate access to tools and resources to start developing customer empathy, test assumptions, and generating market evidence

  • Teams experience fun, immersive one day workshop that inspires them to work differently

  • Teams generate market evidence on real business issues and just like startups, receive additional evidence only based on the evidence.

  • Teams get access to refresher courses, continued education, and career-development skills.

  • Enterprise gets the results from numerous startups searching for new business models that lay the foundation for future growth.


Our Customers

In my 18 years in education experience, this rises to the level of one of the best professional development sessions I’ve ever been through. Everything was so well paced, practical, useful, and real. Most importantly, this will have a measurable and tangible ROI.
— Ian R. Roark, Ed.D. Vice President of Workforce Development, Pima Community College

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