Value Stream Discovery Loop

Define actionable metrics around your customer’s journey from aware to passionate.

Start using the tool to test and measure what matters

Great tools exist to track the current state of startup’s and enterprise innovation team’s business model assumptions.

The pressing question remains, however, where do the assumptions come from that populate these canvases? How do we articulate what our beliefs are about how the business is going to function, once it matures from idea to the real world? Further, how do we know where to start, what we should focus on, and what we should be measuring?

The Value Stream Discovery (VSD) loop helps you articulate what business activities you assume you must undertake in order to create value while facing extreme uncertainty. Because as we all understand by now, in any startup or innovation endeavor, most of what we think we know is pure conjecture. We’re operating within the unknown.

Start using the tool to test and measure what matters

Value Stream Discovery: What to Test & How to Measure (Plus Airbnb Example)

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