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After each engagement, our team of lean innovation experts debrief to continuously improve our tools and share stories. Here are some of the best:

Lean Innovation Manifesto & Principles

Guiding values and principles for organizations to thrive in a world full of rapid technological change and uncertainty

Value Stream Discovery Loop

Define actionable metrics around your customer’s journey from aware to passionate.

Customer Zoom

Zoom in on your archetypal customer to identify needs, behaviors, pains, and most importantly, opportunities.

Problem Zoom

Zoom in on your customer’s problem to uncover their desired outcomes, pains and problems

Solution Zoom

Zoom in on your potential solution so you can identify your MVP

Experiment Map

Organize your insights and learnings from multiple experiments to better track and share progress.

5 Ways to Spark Innovation in Your Organization

Leverage some of our favorite tactics that we’ve seen spark transformation and drive impact time and time again.