Executive Advising

Receive executive support from leaders who have successfully implemented lean innovation at scale.

Become the hero your organization wants and needs through confidential check-ins and guidance with someone who’s been there and done that.

1. Leverage a proven finance and resource allocation framework

Traditional finance metrics and development cycles don’t apply to projects with large amounts of uncertainty. Using our framework you can redefine how you rollout initiatives, measure results, foster alignment between other leaders, and ultimately unlock new growth.

2. Scale Innovation Throughout Your Organization

Not everyone will be an innovator, but innovation can come from anywhere. Whether it’s new products, or internal process reinvention, our end goal is to create a culture where continuous improvement and growth happens across the business, not just in one team.

3. Exclusive to VP's and C-Suite leaders

This is a program designed by leaders for leaders. We’ll help you get buy in and support from other leaders so you can lead the transformation of your entire organization.

4. Been There, Done That

All of our executive advisors have experienced transformation within Fortune 500’s. For example, one of our executive advisors is Simeon Sessley who has coached over 200 global coaches and played a pivotal role in the development and rollout of GE Fastworks.


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