The roadmap for transformation the way executives do business

Whether you’re trying to build an innovation lab or redefine “business-as-usual” throughout your entire organization, our programs are designed to implement your transformation plan and accelerate your innovation journey.

No program is one size fits all. If you'd like to explore how we can help you create a lasting impact at your organization, let's take some time to learn about each other.


Browse Our Comprehensive Programs:


Strategic Advising 

Set up for success

Making your transformation program align to strategic objectives requires understanding where you want to be. We’ll work together to create an executive alignment blueprint with actionable steps how to transform your business, details of your unique innovation strategy, and governance mechanisms for successful portfolio management.

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Leadership Development

Learn to walk the talk

This program consists of workshops, coaching, and other services that develop new skills required in today’s innovation economy.
Leveraging our proven lean innovation expertise and “been there, done that” experience leading transformation in organizations around the globe, we help guide your journey towards continuous innovation.

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Lean Innovation Sprints

Feel like a startup

Sprints are 3-5 day intensive, experiential engagements teaching participants lean innovation methodologies while making an impact on real business issues.  We’ll work in teams to actively apply design thinking, rapid experimentation, and agile development to new and existing product or market endeavors.

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Lean Innovation Accelerator

Move faster. Act bolder. Drive impact.

Our internal accelerator is an impact-focused, milestone-driven, 12 week program to launch or kill new products based on market evidence. Leveraging the learnings from our Lean Innovation Sprint, teams infuse the “work like a startup” mentality  into everyday work.  

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Innovation Champions

Students become the teachers

This program is a comprehensive coach development course designed to scale lean innovation skills, develop a new mindset, and ignite entrepreneurial action.
We train and certify coaches to make business impact quickly by supporting a new way of working: being customer-centric, moving fast, and acting bold. 

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Leaders walk the talk.

Designed to promote the entrepreneurial spirit, remove barriers, and accelerate culture change, Shiftkit is the fastest way to get teams applying “entrepreneurial spirit” to solving real world business issues.
This physical product includes a self-guided, immersive Lean Innovation e-course delivered via online portal, industry-leading tools and practices guides, and access to weekly coaching via phone or video chat.

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Social Impact and Government Programs

Brings an entrepreneurial spirit to social impact organizations to help them more effectively vet opportunities, remain relevant, and create deeper impact at Government, Education, Non-Profits, Philanthropic and Social Impact driven organizations.

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Not Sure Where Your Organization is on the Road Towards Transformation?

Take our innovation assessment to help you understand your progress. The learnings you glean from the survey process will help you determine which coupling of programs might be right for your organization.