M&As as a Catalyst to Cultural Change and Growth with Zakaria Ghassouli, People, Finance & Strategy Director at Avito

During M&As, it can often be challenging to effectively integrate two cultures. In today’s episode, Zakaria Ghassouli, People, Finance & Strategy Director at Avito, talks us through how he proactively used the M&A he went through with Avito as an opportunity to create a better culture after taking the passive approach began to lead to some problems.

Scaling Innovation and the Product Lifecycle Framework with Sonja Kresojevic, VP of Product Lifecycle at Pearson

In today’s episode we’re excited to have Sonja Kresojevic, the VP of Product Lifecycle at Pearson. In the episode we cover:
- How teams leverage the product lifecycle framework to focus on the right things at the right time.
- How Pearson funds different early stage projects based on stage specific criteria and metrics.
- How Pearson has scaled lean innovation throughout the business and created a culture that enables innovation.

Creating an Entrepreneurial Culture in the Public Sector with Kelly McAdoo, City Manager of City of Hayward

In this episode, we interview Kelly McAdoo, the City Manager of the City of Hayward. We cover lots of ground, including deep dives into topics like:

- How Kelly has been driving impact through creating an entrepreneurial culture within a bureaucratic organization.
- How City of Hayward has been able to drastically shorten the scoping process for new projects using Lean Innovation.
- How City of Hayward is redefining the way public sector entities should function in the 21st century.

Creating an Ambitious Culture and Fending Off Disruption with Neal Cross, CIO of DBS

In this episode, Aaron Eden (MTN Co-Founder and COO) and I interview Neal Cross, the Chief Innovation Officer of DBS. DBS is a bank headquartered in Singapore that generated $11 billion in revenue and $4.5 billion in profit last year. They know the finance landscape is changing rapidly, and as a result are on an inspiring journey towards not only creating an innovation group within the bank, but turning the entire bank itself into an innovation group.

How Giants are Banding Together to Innovate with Jason Harris, Dir. of Corporate Marketing at UI Labs

In this episode we’re excited to have Jason Harris, Director of Corporate Marketing & Communications for UI LABS. UI LABS is a first-of-its-kind innovation accelerator, addressing problems too big for any one organization to solve on its own. The challenges we are addressing in manufacturing and smart cities are at the intersection of digital convergence: computing, big data, and the Internet of Things (IOT).

How Spotify Continues to Innovate with Simon Marcus, VP of Ops at Spotify

In this episode we interview Simon at Spotify and cover:
- How The Library Corporation coped with the disruption of library’s
- Why the part time initiative model isn’t conducive to innovation
- How The Library Corporation introduced Lean Startup into their organization
- How Spotify manages “bets," strategic decision making and execution with Spotify Rhythm
and more!