Move faster. Act bolder. Drive impact.

Our internal accelerator is an impact-focused, milestone-driven, 12 week program to launch or kill new products based on market evidence. Leveraging the learning from our Lean Innovation Sprint, teams ingrain “working like a startup” into everyday work.  

In a fully immersive experience, your team will operate just like a fully independent startup. Dedicated coaches push and mentor teams through empathy work, experiments, developing Minimum Viable Products, and establishing impact metrics to measure progress.


Program Objectives

  • Make progress through focused work, deep customer understanding and testing business models
  • Develop lots of ideas with the ability to test and prioritize them
  • Understand how to use innovation accounting to focus efforts and measure progress
  • Expose, prioritize and validate or invalidate business model underlying assumptions save time, money, and resources
  • Rapidly experiment toward developing the MVP through evidence based decision making

Our Customers

I’ve seen Moves the Needle teach lean innovation and it’s practical, action-oriented, and persuasive.
— Eric Ries, The Lean Startup

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