Learn to walk the talk

If only walking the talk were as easy as it sounds.

In this era of rapid change and globalization, where uncertainty exists across time horizons from functional process improvement to core product development, to new sources of growth, leaders must straddle search and execution.

Who is your trusted advisor for helping between the two across all growth horizons?

Moves the Needle experienced practitioners provide personal coaching and advising all along the journey.

The Leadership Development program consists of workshops, coaching, and hands-on exercises that develop the skills required to run a high-performance innovation team.

When spearheading an effective innovation program, leaders need to support their teams in non-traditional ways.

Leaders practice mentoring techniques and develop the insights needed to ask the right questions, track the right metrics, hold their teams accountable, and clear the way for their success.

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Our workshops focus leaders on understanding “search” principles through lean innovation practices, such as developing empathy, testing assumptions, working in an agile fashion, and leveraging data and insights to make decisions.

Leaders use these skills to balance where lean innovation is applied across the continuum of execution and search. Furthermore, leaders practice mentoring, and develop new skills to measure the team's progress toward impact. Moves the Needle experts provide personal advising and continuous support throughout the entire experience to help leaders truly understand their role in the transformation process. 


Program Objectives:

  • Develop the skills required to run a high-performance team.

  • Learn mentoring techniques to help teams identify and capitalize on "the signal".

  • Understand how to ask the right questions and track the right metrics.

  • Practice thinking outside of traditional execution mode and master the skills needed to sit on growth and innovation boards.

  • Identify key stakeholders in the innovation process and learn how to get them involved early and often.

  • Identifying how to hold teams accountable and make decisions based on evidence.

New Year. New Growth. We'll show you where to find it.

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Our Customers

Through the methodology shared and great teamwork with colleagues from different functions, I learned that we can achieve so much by moving out of the comfort zone and going bolder in our actions as long as it is aligned with objectives to solve the customer problems.
— Ruzanna Yuzer, Senior Manager, AIA

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