Feel like a Startup

Moves The Needle’s Sprints are 3-5 day intensive, experiential engagements teaching
participants Lean Innovation methodologies while making impact on real business issues.

Lean Innovation Sprint

Replace the guesswork of innovation with a set of lean innovation tools and tactics that help you focus on what matters; the same tools and tactics we’ve used to drive hundreds of millions of dollars of new revenue and internal process transformation at numerous Fortune 500 companies.

Growth Marketing Innovation Sprint

At the intersection of design thinking and scientific rigor, Moves the Needle’s Lean Marketing Sprints are about building internal capabilities to learn fast, reduce risk, experiment often, and work to create value-based relationships with your customers.


How it works

Apply design thinking, rapid experimentation, and agile development to new and existing products or market endeavors.


Understanding customers deeply; their pains, needs and desires. Developing insights.


Translating insights into action. Reducing risks through assumption testing.


Making decisions quickly based on insights and actual customer behavior.

Program Objectives

  • Understand customers deeply: their pains, needs, and desires
  • Develop insights, translate insights into action, reduce risks through assumption testing
  • Make decisions quickly based on insights and actual customer behavior

Our Customers

The learning was fast and hands on. It was both exhausting and exhilarating. At the end of the three day session, our team was far more informed and capable of employing the lean startup process. everyone was impressed with how much was learned and how valuable the experience was.
— Todd Demonte, President Therma-Stor