Set up for success

Making your transformation program align to strategic objectives requires understanding where you want to be. We’ll work together to create an executive alignment blueprint with actionable steps how to transform your business, details of your unique innovation strategy, and governance mechanisms for successful portfolio management.


Strategy defines how your innovation engine will contribute to the achievement of business objectives. It translates business objectives into specific goals, direction and performance measurement. It defines “where to play”, “how to win”, and just as important, “where not to play.” 

Leveraging our proven lean innovation expertise and “been there, done that” experience with leading organizations around the globe, we help guide your journey towards continuous innovation.

Our goal is for your company be one that is customer-centric, moves fast and acts bold; one that thrives by empowering its people to discover and create new value for customers.


Program Objectives

  • Establish a tailored innovation transformation program and rollout plan for entire enterprise

  • Alignment between strategy and innovation projects

  • Establish a culture based on an entrepreneurial spirit that embraces customer value creation

  • Establish leadership's role in innovation governance & decision making

  • Strategy to accelerate core business while simultaneously building new growth businesses

Transform. Shift Mindset. Win.

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Our Customers

With great materials, hands-on training and get out of the building real-life experiments, we were better able to understand the elements of lean, giving us the necessary tools to start right away in our large organization
— Susan Harman, Vice President Lexis Nexis

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