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Innovation Executive Leadership Workshop: San Francisco

Are you responsible for transforming your organization? Perhaps you are driving digital transformation and attempting to leap-frog your competition?

Join Moves The Needle’s 1-day Leadership Workshop to strengthen your “search” mode skills through lean innovation practices.

Areas of focus for this workshop:

  • Lean Innovation Leadership Knowledge: Overview of agile, design thinking and lean principles, how teams work, what leadership can do to support them.

  • Act Like an Investor: Leaders learn how to hold teams accountable, ask the right questions, determine non-ROI based startup metrics, helping teams overcome obstacles. (practice with other VPs and startups)

  • Empathy * Experiment * Evidence Immersion: Leaders run a live, case-based experiment loop to develop empathy for how their teams are working.

  • Unknown vs Known Strategic Priorities: Lens through which to expose expected outcomes vs uncertainty for strategic projects leadership has funded.

Check back soon for registration links.