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Executive Innovation Summit: Dallas

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Being a good leader is more than managing your people, it is empowering them to make decisions based on evidence. It’s about asking questions that guide them to answers rather than giving answers.  It’s about accepting that the answers are outside the building with your customers.

This leadership workshop helps innovation executives learn new skills for how to direct and lead lean innovation practices.  Whether your team practices Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Agile, an internally developed program, or some combination of the above, leaders must lead differently.  You need to mentor rather than manage. You need to understand how to determine the “impact” metrics when tackling big ideas.

During this one-day workshop, you will develop new skills in the following areas:

  • Innovation Leadership Knowledge: Overview of agile, design thinking and lean principles, how teams work, and what you can do to support your team’s journey.

  • Act Like an Investor: Learn how to hold teams accountable, ask the right questions, determine non-ROI based impact metrics, and how to help your teams overcome obstacles.

  • Balance Strategic Priorities: You must set expectations differently for teams operating in the “unknown”.  How these teams are funded must be changed as well.