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Looking for speakers for your upcoming in-person or virtual event? Our team of Founders, Principals, and Impact Coaches at Moves the Needle would be happy to participate! We have several qualified professionals who can speak on a number of topics to a variety of audiences.

We routinely participate in webinars, podcasts, conferences and workshops in order to inspire organizations to ignite entrepreneurial action and empower employees to create new value.

Our team members speak on topics related to enterprise leadership, customer experience, business strategy, innovation coaching, social impact, and how to use the 3 E’s of Lean innovation to create new value for those an organization aims to serve.

Whether you are looking for an outstanding keynote presentation for your product development conference, a participant for your startup-focused fireside chat, a webinar featuring a world-class innovation coach, or a guest to interview on your business podcast, we’ve got you covered.

We will customize our presentations to meet the specific needs of your audience: our goal is to help facilitate your desired outcomes while providing the best audience experience and most relevant content.

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Past presentation examples:

  • Stop “Innovation” - Why does your organization care about Innovation? Or, maybe in reality. It doesn't. In this talk, Brant Cooper will discuss why you want to ignite an entrepreneurial spirit in your organization, and he'll try to do without mentioning the "I-word." Big organizations have long used the term "innovation" to justify everything from open seating floor plans to employee competitions that generate ideas going nowhere. Brant will share the 10 steps to growth transformation and how to focus on creating value through empathy, experimentation, and evidence-informed decisions.

  • Applying Lean Innovation in the Government Sector - Innovation and Government are not terms usually used in the same sentence, but Municipalities CAN innovate the way they serve their constituents. The old ways of gathering information from the public and assessing program value – like bloated task forces, poorly attended hearings, and expensive consultant reports based on “best practices” – don't result in cost-effective services with high impact. In this talk, Brant Cooper explains how governments can spend less and achieve a greater impact by acting like a startup when faced with uncertainty.

  • 5 Steps to Greater Social Impact - Learn the importance and the benefits of using customer-focused, evidence-driven principles to quickly tackle uncertainty in your work. In this social impact focused presentation, Heather Hiscox and Amelia Klawon of our Social Impact team will empower attendees to identify and pursue new ideas more efficiently and effectively using the five E’s of Lean Innovation: Expose, Empathy, Exploration, Experimentation, and Evidence.

  • Vanity VS Impact: Identifying the Metrics that Matter - Just like with a startup, managing your innovation program based on vanity metrics can actually kill it before you know what happened. This hands-on skill building class will teach you HOW to establish the specific metrics you should be measuring and with whom you should be sharing them, in order to stay on track. Whether just starting your innovation lab or in the midst of full blown corporate transformation, the metrics you establish directly effect your success or failure.

  • Tips for Building a Powerhouse Internal Innovation Coaching System - Building an internal coaching system allows organizations to scale lean innovation skills, develop a new mindset, and ignite entrepreneurial action. In this presentation featuring Pam Krengel, discover everything you need to know about creating and scaling an internal coaching system so that you can realize your vision for growth and continuous innovation.

  • Leadership Development: What Skills Should an Innovation Leader Possess? - In this talk, Aaron Eden will give attendees an overview about what leadership development means within the context of lean innovation, and seven skills all truly amazing innovation leaders must possess.

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If you are interested in booking one someone from our Founding or Principal team for speaking, please fill out the form below and someone will get in touch as soon as possible. Please note that we cannot accommodate all requests, but will do our best to let you know our availability in a timely manner.

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