Change is hard.

Large successful organizations achieved their greatness by superior execution in known markets, but when the market changes faster than ever, much of what was known is now uncertain.

Enterprises are asking:

  • How can we get closer to our customers?

  • How do we become more agile?

  • How can we act more entrepreneurially?

This is where Lean Innovation comes in.

Employees need a new way of thinking, a new way of working. Lean Innovation helps organizations act like a startup, while protecting the core business so teams can be fast, agile, and create an environment of continuous learning.

Our goal here is to help you do just that.



Our Mission

Moves the Needle ignites entrepreneurial action within large organizations so their people can be closer to customers, move faster and act bolder. We help organizations through leveraging Lean Innovation - a hybrid of Design Thinking + Lean Startup + Agile, tailored for the enterprise. 

We exist to ignite entrepreneurial spirit that transforms global enterprises by empowering people to discover and create new value for their customers, and we are excited to meet you.



We are a global organization with team members across the world. Wherever you are located, we are there to guide you on your innovation transformation journey.

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Kuala Lumpur

Our Founders


Brant Cooper

Co-Founder and CEO, Moves the Needle

 Brant Cooper helps organizations big and small create value. He is the author of the New York Times Bestseller "The Lean Entrepreneur", is a thought-leader in corporate innovation and is a sought-after keynote speaker, advisor, and mentor.

Brant is the Co-Founder of Moves the Needle, which has advised the innovation practices of such leading companies as GE, Intuit, Capital One, ING, and Cisco.

He has over 20 years experience helping companies bring high-growth products to market. His startup career includes Tumbleweed, Timestamp, WildPackets, inCode, and many others. He has experienced IPO, acquisition, rapid growth, and crushing failure.

Brant previously authored "The Entrepreneur's Guide to Customer Development", the first purpose-written book to discuss Lean Startup and Customer Development concepts, which sold over 100k copies. He has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs across the globe.

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aaron eden coo moves the needle corporate innovation enterprise lean startup

aaron eden

COO, Moves the Needle

Aaron Eden is a Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer at Moves the Needle and Co-founder of Startup Tucson.

For more than 20 years, Aaron has utilized his passion for innovation, entrepreneurship, and customer empathy to transform countless businesses by teaching them to adopt Lean Innovation, create new value for their customers, and generate hundreds of millions in new revenue.

As an Innovation Catalyst at Intuit, Aaron spearheaded a grassroots program that trained over 2,500 employees and leaders in Lean Startup, Agile, and Design Thinking practices.

He’s worked with some of the world’s most innovative companies, including American Family Insurance, General Electric, and ING, guiding them to move faster, be bolder, and drive impact.

Connect with him here:

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Our Prinicipals 


Our coaches and principals have sold startups, written best-selling books, and played foundational roles in transforming some of the most innovative organizations around the world.

jeremiah gardner moves the needle corporate innovation enterprise lean startup


Principal, Product Lead

Jeremiah Gardner helps organizations create value. He is the author of the bestselling book, The Lean Brand and Principal at Moves The Needle where he has empowered companies like GE, ING, eBay, Intuit, and Cisco to practice Lean Innovation.

He’s passionate about building the innovation capabilities of the individual intrapreneur. He believes the individual capability of every employee to practice deep customer empathy, use rapid experimentation, and use evidence-based decision making is crucial for the success of any innovation effort.

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brent weber moves the needle


Prinicipal, Bootcamp Lead, Digital Products

Brent Weber helps run Moves the Needle's accelerator programs at numerous large corporations. He knows how to transform employees at all levels into high-performing innovators.

An experienced innovator himself, he's seen startups through from idea to acquisition while also helping numerous corporations develop the culture and processes necessary to innovate.

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Principal, Innovation Champions Lead

Pam Krengel, Principal at Moves The Needle, founded a successful startup and served as a strategist and mentor for several Fortune 500 companies like Cardinal Health, Ecolab, AES, Conseco, Inc. and Eli Lilly & Company resulting in breakthrough digital products.

For decades, Pam has served as an architect of internal capabilities in the enterprise. Pam is a passionate advocate for executives seeking to understand what a 90-day journey could mean for overcoming challenges, internal detractors, and providing the necessary and comprehensive support for their business units to thrive.

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Principal, Social Impact Practice

As co-founder and co-director of Social Impact for Moves The Needle, Amelia helps organizations reignite their entrepreneurial spirit to enable them to stay relevant, vet opportunities, and create deep value for those they serve.

Amelia has an MBA with a focus in entrepreneurship from the University of Arizona and has spent over fifteen years in the social impact sector in a variety of different roles, such as volunteer recruitment and management, fundraising, program development and evaluation, and service delivery.

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travis mccutcheon moves the needle corporate innovation lean startup


Principal, Impact Coach, Accelerator Lead & Operations Manager

Travis McCutcheon has helped numerous organizations such as Intuit, Nike, and American Express systematically innovate while coaching and consulting startups on the side.

He’s demonstrated the power of including customers in product development while building the fastest growing app in Nike’s history. His expertise in lean startup traces back to a strong understanding of Lean Manufacturing as pioneered by Toyota.

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Heather Hiscox Headshot.png


Principal, Social Impact Practice

Heather Hiscox is a social entrepreneur passionate about creating communities focused on assets, abilities, and abundance.

Heather is the co-founder and co-director of Social Impact at Moves the Needle, a company that teaches how to use Lean Innovation to create social change.

Heather also provides nonprofit and business development counsel and entrepreneurship education via her company, Seven Degrees Consulting.

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Our Coaches and Advisors


Alex Djordjevic

Enterprise Innovation Catalyst at Intuit and Moves the Needle Impact Coach

Alex has been responsible for successfully driving innovation within large organizations like Intuit and Delphi for the last 20 years.

Her scientific background combined with lean startup expertise makes her a powerful force to push teams to drive powerful insights quickly through experimentation, customer empathy, and new product development.

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Executive Advising Coach

Simeon Sessley is a proven leader in establishing innovation platforms, enterprise growth initiatives, pricing methodologies, and process improvement strategies.

His work at General Electric on their corporate innovation program Fastworks allowed GE to grow their internal community of innovation coaches from 40 to 400 in just two years.

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Annette Mason

Executive Advisor

Annette Mason is an executive advisor to Moves the Needle and founder of Trilogy Design Works.

Annette has led merger and acquisition (M&A) teams in pursuit of deals from $10M to $1B+ while developing and promoting sustainable practices across all three phases of the M&A lifecycle.

She guides her teams to return value to the enterprise and the people in these risk-filled endeavors.

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Bjorn Uhss

Founder of 22Tribes, Lean Trainer at Intuit Quickbooks, Part of Upptalk Acquisition

Bjorn’s experience in innovation ranges from corporate training with Intuit Quickbooks to seeing a startup idea from the foundation through its acquisition.

Bjorn most enjoys when the "entrepreneurial spirit" overlaps effective corporate resourcing and structuring to unlock amazing innovations.

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Christopph Sollich.png

Christoph Sollich

The Pitch Doctor and MTN Impact Coach

Christoph Sollich has developed and run numerous corporate innovation programs and hackathons and has advised hundreds of startups on generating evidence to build stronger pitches.

Within the corporate innovation realm, Christoph created an accelerator program to teach employees Lean Startup principles while making measurable progress on real ideas.

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Bryan Tublin

Founder & CEO Simmer Soup Co., Seasoned Product Manager, Moves the Needle Impact Coach

Bryan Tublin is a veteran product leader and entrepreneur with experience leading small, nimble product teams at startups and large organizations.

Whether teaching a product management course for General Assembly or coaching enterprise teams through Moves The Needle, Bryan strives to have a positive impact on the way people work to deliver value in their lives.

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Franck Debane.jpg

Franck Debane

MTN Impact Coach

Franck Debane has spent 15 years as an entrepreneur and 5 years driving innovation within large organizations like BBC and AOL. He’s also worked to develop innovation labs at 3 different corporations in France and continues to coach product teams how to apply lean startup to create new products.

Franck is most excited by guiding teams to light bulb moments where they are able to drive impact and new value for the customer, the team, and the bottom line.

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Jon Kohrs

Serial Intrapreneur & Design Strategist

Jon has spent 15 years in large, financial service companies launching new services, products, and teams both B2C and B2B. He's deployed startup-style innovation labs inside organizations like the Federal Reserve, H&R Block, and GEHA Insurance.

When it comes to his passions, Jon is most excited by providing meaningful value to customers externally and bringing teams together through empathy internally.

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Dan Afseth.png

Dan Afseth

Continuous Improvement and Innovation Thought Leader and Operations Executive

Dan Afseth has driven innovation efforts within the software, healthcare, and manufacturing industries for 15+ years in roles ranging from individual contributor to Vice President at companies like Intuit and Concentra.

He’s frequently asked to speak at various innovation and customer experience conferences and has taught hundreds of people at all levels how to be more innovative.

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Ronan Diego de Oliviera

Moves the Needle Impact Coach, Design Thinking Expert, Peak Performance Trainer

Ronan Diego de Oliviera uses innovation to transform people. He likes to help individuals to serve a bigger purpose through a product, service or intervention, and to set themselves up for optimal performance – and this leads to winning organizations.

He is a trainer in social innovation, leadership, and personal performance, and is a highly sought-after speaker who has conducted talks in over 15 countries, including several TEDx talks to his name.

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Michael Counihan

MTN Impact Coach and Lean Startup Strategist

Michael Counihan is a long time Lean Startup advocate and expert. He teaches Lean Startup to students at the top business schools, technology incubators/accelerators, and is an active advisor to a handful of leading technology startups and organizations.

He’s also the leader and organizer of the Lean Startup Circle Barcelona.

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Marianna Petrenko

Consulting Director at Venturetec Moves the Needle Impact Coach

Marianna Petrenko has a proven track record of innovating across a wide range of industries. With Venturetec, she’s helped numerous large enterprises and government clients bring innovative products and services to market with reduced cost and complexity.

The energy and drive she found in the startup teams she worked with is what inspires her to build a culture of innovation within massive organizations; one where people and process come together to consistently innovate and achieve great things.

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Noel Sobelman

Executive Advisor

Noel Sobelman is a corporate advisor on innovation effectiveness. His experience includes senior-level corporate roles, new venture creation, and consulting. He is widely recognized for bringing a practical and applicable approach to companies looking to accelerate growth from innovation.

For the past 25 years, Noel has worked extensively in the areas of innovation strategy, product development, portfolio management, product commercialization, and the software systems that enable innovation. His industry background includes experience with high technology, life sciences, consumer packaged goods, industrial, and renewable energy companies.

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Oliver Durrer.png

Oliver Durrer

Managing Director Club School Online Academy Migros, Lean Startup Innovation Expert

Oliver Durrer's experience has a proven track record of driving innovation and learning in both corporate and startup settings.

During his time at Nestlé, he led a corporate startup to the next level. He doubled the business in 3 years and won a Zone Europe Award for the innovations and achievements he drove within digital & CRM inside Nestlé.

Beyond helping drive revenue growth and new product lines, he’s also coached and mentored startups using Lean Startup tools and techniques and is currently building another corporate startup in the e-learning field.

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Mike Kendall

Moves The Needle Impact Coach and Managing Director at The Customer Lab

Mike Kendall is a global customer experience, design, and innovation leader as well as business coach and speaker. He has created world-class customer loyalty, innovation, engagement, and growth in several industries including finance, tech, and healthcare.

In addition to founding The Customer Lab, Mike served as Director of Customer Experience at Capital One where he helped re-imagine banking to deliver awesome customer experiences. He co-founded Humana’s award-winning FastStart Lean CX Innovation Lab, led Customer Experience at Intuit, and held several global customer and operations leadership roles at Citigroup.

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Seth Webster

Seasoned Innovator within both Startups and Large Organizations, CTO of Tentsquare

Seth Webster is a proven 25-year industry veteran leader, entrepreneur, and innovator with a broad range of business and technical leadership expertise.

Seth led large engineering teams on multiple products at Intuit through the agile transformation, helping them get to where they are. Today, Intuit continues to tap into new revenue streams through continued product innovation and is a model for enterprise innovation.

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Rammohan Reddy.jpg

Rammohan Reddy

Founder of Lean Mantra and Lean Startup Circle, Moves the Needle Impact Coach

Rammohan Reddy is one of the foremost Lean Startup thought leaders in India.

He helps select startup teams through coaching and hands-on workshops, and enables thousands of others as the founding organizer of the Bangalore Lean Startup Circle, a community he built that is united around creating successful new products through applying lean startup principles.

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Sebastian Mealer.png

Sebastian Mealer

Customer Insights and Innovation Coach and Moves the Needle Impact Coach

Sebastian Mealer's coaching experience is focused around helping corporate teams innovate on customer-facing product experiences, marketing concepts, and internal processes such as HR, finance, and operations using the lean innovation approach that combines design thinking with rapid, lean startup experimentation.

As one of Intuit’s leading Innovation Catalysts, a program that has made Intuit a role model for enterprise innovation, Sebastian collaborated across functional & product groups on innovative improvements to methodologies, strategies, and processes.

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Trey Zagante

Founder & Managing Partner at Venturetec, Moves the Needle Impact Coach

Trey Zagante has over 15 years of experience in strategy and technology consulting and has worked with clients in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan.

Trey founded Venturetec, an Asia Pacific based innovation and venture firm which invests in enterprise tech startups, runs a startup accelerator program, and provides enterprise and government clients with advisory services including enterprise innovation strategy, lean startup adoption and corporate venturing.

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angela higgins moves the needle corporate innovation lean startup

ANGELA Higgins

Operations Lead

Angela holds an Operations Management Certificate from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. She is the glue that holds our company together.

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troy joos moves the needle corporate innovation lean startup


Operations Lead

Troy has helped numerous venture backed startups become more operationally efficient.

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Cortlandt Minnich

Head of Growth

Cortlandt joins us from a 25 year career leading product development and commercialization in large enterprises.

He developed and launched telephones, radios, medical fabrics, FR fabrics, outdoor equipment, and plumbing products at industry leaders including Honda, TOTO, Motorola, and INVISTA.

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Shana Haynie

Senior Inbound Marketing Manager

Shana Haynie is a creative marketing leader with a passion for strategic planning and team development.

She co-founded the social media marketing agency Vulpine Interactive and has worked with numerous brands on their digital presence.

For Moves the Needle, Shana is spearheading  inbound marketing initiatives and hopes to continue expanding her knowledge and her network through various creative, personal and career-building outlets like cooking, fitness, networking, writing, and of course, karaoke.

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Lauren Parrish.jpg

Lauren Wisniewski

Social Impact Program Associate

Lauren connects organizations to a focus of efficiency, empathy, and collaboration within the social impact sector.

Lauren received her Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy from the University of Michigan and her Master of Arts in Philanthropic Studies and Nonprofit Management from Indiana University Lilly School of Philanthropy as well as a Masters Certificate in Collaborative Governance from the University of Arizona.  Her work as a nonprofit consultant focused on prospect research, prospect analytics, and organization development.

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