Experiment Map

Organize your insights and learnings from multiple experiments to better track and share progress.

Start tracking your experiments and insights overtime

The Experiment Map is designed to help document the various rapid experiments entrepreneurs execute as they search for a working business model. The experiment map documents your journey over time, making it easy to communicate your progress to your team members, investors, advisers and senior leadership.  We’ve tested it with hundreds of experiments, and it works.

The Experiment Map is focused on recording experiments over time. It can be used with a variety of existing frameworks you’re familiar with, such as the Business Model Canvas, Value Stream, and other popular innovation frameworks. The Experiment Map is especially helpful during workshops and events such as hackathons, boot-camps, and accelerators.  It can also be extremely useful for improving existing products, or any other situation where you are using the “build-measure-learn” loop to make rapid progress.

The experiment map is designed as a physical printed poster, on which you place sticky notes as you progress. The physical nature of a poster is valuable for a variety of reasons, and we have found it to be a very powerful tool. So many clients asked us to share the poster, that we decided we should simply give it away.

Start tracking your experiments and insights overtime

Lean Entrepreneur Experiment Map

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